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Apple iPhone X With 6.1-inch Display To Be Priced Under Rs 50,000

Apple iPhone X With 6.1-inch Display To Be Priced Under Rs 50,000

Apple iPhone X With 6.1-inch Display To Be Priced Under Rs 50,000

Following iPhone case maker Olixar had confirmed earlier that Apple will soon be launching a budget-friendly iPhone X variant featuring a 6.1-inch, reports today speculate its pricing. According to a report by Forbes, the upcoming Apple iPhone X variant with the 6.1-inch screen to could be launched in a starting cost of $600 which approximately equates to Rs 40,869 in India. Considering duties and taxes, Apple could launch this iPhone X variant for under Rs 50,000.

While there is no information about the official name of the device, reports so far have claimed that this budget iPhone will feature an iPhone X-like notch screen and will be slightly larger in proportion. The Forbes report indicates that this device will measure 5.79 x 2.81-inches. Though the device will look like the original iPhone X, then it won't have several flagship attributes. It'll be considered as an entry-level iPhone replacement the much talked about iPhone SE 2.

The new budget iPhone X using 6.1-inch display provides FaceID and there'll not be any fingerprint scanner. On the downside, the screen will be LCD and not OLED. The rear will appear similar to the iPhone X with a standard single-lens setup and glass panel. The device will support charging. However, it will not encourage 3D Touch.

For those unaware, Apple allegedly may have fully canceled the iPhone SE 2 altogether. The report by Forbes attributes this information to iPhone case maker Olixar. According to the report, Olixar includes a"remarkable track record of smartphone escapes" that is primarily because companies like Olixar have to be well prepared with smartphones soon after a new device gets started.

Based on this information, Olixar has even started to produce accessories for the 6.1-inch iPhone X version. But, it appears Apple has some better programs -- provide a bigger 6.1-inch iPhone X version with the newest hardware to get a slightly lesser price when compared to current iPhone X rates.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A To Go On Sale On Flipkart Today At 12 PM

Xiaomi Redmi 5A To Go On Sale On Flipkart Today At 12 PM

Xiaomi Redmi 5A To Go On Sale On Flipkart Today At 12 PM

The budget smartphone will go on a flash purchase on e-commerce platform Flipkart, now at 12pm.

In a starting price of Rs 5,999, Redmi 5A will be available at no-cost EMI starting from Rs 667 per month during the sale. The online merchant is also offering an extra 5% discount on Axis Bank Buzz credit card. Additionally, a cashback of Rs 2,200 will be given to each of Jio clients.

Redmi 5A is powered by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chip. The smartphone operates MIUI 9-based Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The storage may be enlarged using a micro SD card.

The 2GB RAM variant is priced at Rs 5,999, whereas the 3GB RAM version is priced at Rs 6,999.

The smartphone comes with a 5-inch HD display with 720x1280 pixel resolution. It's a 5MP front camera using f/2.0 aperture.

Redmi 5A comes with a triple card slot and Graphite cooling system. The smartphone enables users to utilize two SIM cards and one microSD card at the exact same moment. Its back panel is coated with actual Graphite Sheet' that keeps the temperature of this handset cooler by up to 1 degree more.

The device comes equipped with an infrared detector such as another Xiaomi apparatus but it overlooks a fingerprint sensor. Connectivity choices available on the device include 4G, VoLTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a micro-USB port, and GPS.

Both the variations of Xiaomi Redmi 5A come in different color variations that have Gold, Grey, Blue and Rose Gold.

To remember, Redmi 5A was launched in November last year and is the successor of Redmi 4A.

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Argentina In Russia: A Botchfest That was In Planning For Years

Argentina In Russia: A Botchfest That was In Planning For Years

Argentina In Russia A Botchfest That was In Planning For Years

Argentina came to this year's World Cup among the strong favorites. Based on betting odds, they had been the bookmaker's sixth favorites to go all the way in Russia -- before the likes of Belgium, Portugal and Uruguay to name a couple, and marginally behind France, Spain and Germany amongst others. Why so? There are a couple of straightforward factors.
For one, they have one of the all-time greats in Lionel Messi playing possibly his last World Cup. They have a supervisor with an international pedigree and is widely lauded for his strategic innovativeness. They have an all-star attacking unit with some of the best forwards in the world. Why couldn't they move one farther?

On the surface of it, everything seemed ready, but the past six-odd months are a disaster that has unraveled the mess that the Argentina Football Association are and the mess they have created over the past couple of years which has gone largely under the radar as each piece of positive news just papered over the cracks. Ever since they attained the collapse at the Maracanã four years ago, there were difficulties brewing on and off the pitch and at the 3-0 defeat to Croatia, which places out one foot from the door, it's all been exposed, and it's been made clear that a major and thorough overhaul is necessary if they would like to prevent going into further turmoil.

Starting off with all the training situation. With three coaches to take you through three years of qualifying, it's apparent that the equilibrium required, the procedure executed, and the right balance is going to be difficult to find when the time comes. It All Began with Gerardo Martino following the World Cup, but he left after the two failures in the Copa América. Then came Edgardo Bauza, but his incompetence of his state led to them facing the prospect of missing the finals and then came Sampaoli, one of Argentina's finest coaches of the modern age, but his disaster at the World Cup, where he made basic errors in strategy and selection has left a mark on his CV.

Why would he pick Willy Caballero -- a 36-year-old who was a second-choice at club level for much of the last four years, playing less than 50 games, a player with zero international caps before 2018 and a participant whose best days were past him ages ago over somebody as respected since Franco Armani is beyond odd. Even Sergio Romero, Argentina's first selection for almost a decade has been dropped because of a severe knee problem, but his party claims his injury identification was overstated by the medical team.

He fell Marcos Rojo, that was arguably the right thing to do, but he'd discipline Nicholas Otamendi, and pairing him with Nicolás Tagliafico along with Gabriel Mercado, two full-backs by trade, in a three-man defense that left him vulnerable to the strong Croatian midfield and attack. Otamendi didn't have any security and he is not quite the man to direct a defense by himself, and that has been demonstrated into the world against Croatia. So often they were permitted to break free and the 3-0 scoreline is most likely generous into the Argentine back-four (defenders and goalkeeper), who were incredibly atrocious with this level.
Argentina In Russia A Botchfest That was In Planning For Years

Next is that the incompetence of the entire team, the lack of individuality and the passiveness of the midfield.

The midfield anonymity resulted in the two guys out wide, Eduardo Salvio and Javier Acuña with too much responsibility to carry the assault and that abandoned Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero using a sterile night -- practically nothing to do. Messi is great, Agüero is great, but if paired with nine others who are quite average, their greatness is going to have to be packed away. Sampaoli's decision to drop Ángel Di María was clever, but when he'd played the bright Cristian Pavón at a completely different set-up into the one he did field, maybe the result against Croatia would've been slightly better.

Sampaoli made errors in his choice and strategies for the Iceland match for which he was scrutinized. How he'd play with a defense against a side that was going to sit back and absorb stress without a very clear ball carrier is a strange choice, and even more peculiar is the fact he persisted with more mediocrity for the match against Croatia. Arguably more than anybody, this World Cup will take a huge hit his stock -- he will have a massive self-redeeming task wherever he oversees adjacent following the finals.

Yes, he's good, yes, he's among the best ever, but if you're requesting just him to haul you through the one contest everyone wants to do well in, you are walking into trouble. No staff among the 32 are more dependent on one man to drag them through a rough patch over Argentina.

Messi almost completed them on the way to Russia along with his disapproving body language was clear. At the time of the national anthems, he looked dejected and bothered, with his hands covering his face, which is hardly what you want from the captain, and though there could be a situation to state that he should be greater with his expression to drive his team ahead, his team, although less expressively, were likely just too distressed.

Against Iceland, he had the opportunity to ease his difficulty but failed along with his spot-kick. Against Croatia, he was anonymous, with his frequent disappearance clearly affecting the driveway inside this side. They still have one more game to rescue themselves, but obviously, a bewildered Messi is not functioning, and an equally dazed supporting cast -- if they show it or not -- does not do much to assist him. The fault partially falls upon him too, but following two rather meager games, he and Agüero are the only ones who'll come out with the least battering from lovers and supporters alike.

Then came Sampaoli's own problems. Prior to the tournament's kick-off there were allegations of him misbehaving with female members of the Argentine staff and only prior to the Croatia match, there was talk of him with a heated argument with his supporters in front of the whole team, and if it actually happened or not is still up in the atmosphere, but it certainly would have had any effect to him along with his roster. He is a wise manager, a guy who takes his time but yields great results, but this appointment is one of the most botched in today's era among all significant federal teams and he also did little to assist himself in a challenging job. Luckily for him, it isn't entirely his fault.

Even following the calamity against Croatia, he took much of the responsibility for the defeat but also believed that his players didn't follow his"job", to which a disheartened Sergio Agüero responded that he didn't care what his manager said or thought. Clearly, this sort of toxicity at the dressing room, where the supervisor, players, and staff are at a constant quarrel is a recipe for disaster.

Maybe he had been appointed too late. His predecessor, Edgardo Bauza was under even more pressure and he had not even led them to a significant tournament. Perhaps if Sampaoli arrived sooner than he did, he would've had a much better showing in Russia. And while that won't ever be known, the chances of that look low as the AFA themselves happen to be in chaos.

They haven't been able to have a worthy president accountable for The previous one, Luis Segura, was caught up in fees for fraud since 2016 and they had to wait until the following year to elect Claudio Tapia. The fact that they had instability on and off the pitch just a year prior to the finals, with no president to the FA and the training situation unclear speaks volumes about their insufficient and scandalous preparations.

And just prior to the tournament, they had the embarrassment of canceling a favorable against Israel, which means that their preparation was faulty. Friendlies with Israel are believed to be a small tradition before the World Cup finals, but they would schedule it at the first place with such a politically-charged environment is inexplicable. They couldn't get the warm-ups they had, and they had to come from this situation looking silly, which is hardly the perfect groundwork ahead of the biggest tournament in soccer.

This is the definitely the end of the road for the guys that were so often unlucky in the period in which they had been consistently losing finals between 2014 and 2016. This World Cup may just be the conclusion of Agüero, Mascherano, Di María and others, but what will hit them is the possible retirement of Messi. For the new era, Argentina needs to be smart with their decisions. The likes of Pavón, Mauro Icardi, Leandro Paredes and Lautaro Martínez are waiting in the wings, and when they were not used now, they need to be given significance in the long term.

A botched preparation that has been in the works for the best part of this decade has been there for the world to see in 1 night in Nizhny Novgorod. There's still hope for Argentina to create it through, but these super-high odds on them moving all of the ways seem all too senseless now. It is going to be a wonder to see them make it through should they confront France, who look the likeliest competitions for them at the Round of 16.

Ideas of seeing golden on 15 July ought to be dwindling if they haven't died off completely. Possibly the worst preparation of any of the 31 countries led to one of their worst World Cup group stage performances in today's era and it's no less than that which they deserve. In the pitch, to the boardroom, to the locker room, this is a Massive wake-up call for the country

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Xiaomi New Lightweight Protective Glasses Keep Harmful Blue Light Away From Your Eyes

Xiaomi New Lightweight Protective Glasses Keep Harmful Blue Light Away From Your Eyes

Xioami has many more products in its catalog besides smartphones, tablets, laptop. And while the sole exercise products from the company which gets the limelight will be the Mi Bands and Amazfit smartwatches, in addition, it offers products like intelligent weighing scales, electric bicycles, as well as healthy e-vapes.

A new product that recently captured our attention is a pair of glasses which promise to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens. The XiaomiUltralight Anti-blue protective eyeglasses are intended to reverse the harm done to your own eyes as a result of electronics and even the sun's damaging rays.

The minimalistic PEI fabric frame is coupled with super mild glasses that ensure long-term usage. The design of the eyeglasses is such that it blends with each professional and casual environment.
Xiaomi New Lightweight Protective Glasses Keep Harmful Blue Light Away From Your Eyes
Xiaomi New Lightweight Protective Glasses Keep Harmful Blue Light Away From Your Eyes

The glasses are designed for those using computer screens for long hours, whether for working or gaming. Xiaomi also asserts that the blue light emitted by displays around you such as through billboards, large screens, LED lights may exacerbate the strain on your eyes.

Blue light is known to affect sleep cycles in humans and long-term exposure may also lead to permanent eye damage. Xiaomi's anti-blue protective glasses make for a smart investment for the security of your eyes.

Even though you might be expecting a brighter touch to those glasses, there is no such facility available. The glasses are meant to serve only the intent of protecting your eyes and it does really well.

The Xiaomi eyeglasses are offered for $19.99 (Rs. 1,360) on Gearbest along with the site also enables you to send products to India with no additional charges. Go right ahead and take a peek at these glasses should you love your eyes.

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Get Ready to Use Your Smartphones as Car Keys

Get Ready to Use Your Smartphones as Car Keys

Keyless entry is one of those tiny tricks that many car owners cherish and there is no doubting that with the development of this technology, our smartphones will almost certainly replace keys. However, this need for development has also given rise to concerns about the security of the vehicle and if a smartphone could be considered reliable enough for the security of an auto.

These concerns have urged the automobile Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to develop a dedicated standard for locking or unlocking automobiles. Called the"Digital Key Release 1.0", the standard is aimed at letting owner use virtual keys to unlock or start their vehicles and even share vital stats about their rides with others including other drivers.
Get Ready to Use Your Smartphones as Car Keys

One of those largest focus areas of the standard is safety. The very first version details specifications which can be set up by automakers for transmitting data safely from smartphones to cars (and vice-a-versa). The protocol in the center of the electronic keys is called Trusted Service Manager (TSM) that is backed by features including NFC space boundary, meaning the car will only be unlocked when the smartphone is in close range, preferably your pocket or bag.

The smartphone companies which collaborated for the launch of the specification include Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, LG.

The Consortium intends to roll out the second variant of these specifications by the first quarter of 2019. These updated specifications will treat cars as smart apparatus and apply the same protocol which is used for secure data transfer between smart devices.

We’re already seeing products in the market that are leveraging Release 1.0, and I believe that the forthcoming Digital Key Release 2.0 will have an even bigger impact on the industry as we meet needs for massive scalability,” said Mahfuzur Rahman, the President of CCC.
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Launch On June 25: Specifications, New Features And Everything Else You Need To Know

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Launch On June 25: Specifications, New Features And Everything Else You Need To Know

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro launch is set for June 25 in China: Specifications, features and much more, here is a look at what we know up to now.

The successor to Redmi Note 5 Pro, which was launched in India this past year, will be the first Redmi string phone to game a notch on top of the display. Ahead of official introduction, the business shared official image renders of this apparatus onto its Redmi Weibo accounts giving us a glimpse of the upcoming phone. Redmi Note 6 Pro was also leaked in live pictures on Chinese social networking website Weibo.

Xiaomi has shared official invitation poster to the launching event, which also signals at certain specifications, like the processor and battery. In addition, it supports a 19:9 aspect ratio screen for Redmi 6 Pro. A previous listing on TENAA has given specifications out of this phone as well, which is said to send 5.84-inch screen. Let us Have a Look at everything we understand about Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro so much:

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro will feature a 19:9 aspect ratio display, something that has already been confirmed by the company. Of course, the highlight of this phone is going to be the notch on top of the screen, Especially, notched design for Xiaomi phones created debut with the organization's flagship Mi 8 show. Now it seems like we'll see the characteristic being adopted across Xiaomi's budget phones also. The telephone is speculated to come with a 5.84-inch screen, which is marginally smaller than its predecessor Redmi Note 5 Pro with a 5.99-inch screen. The phone will sport a metal unibody design along with the firm confirmed this in official renders. The back cover will have vertically stacked dual back cameras in addition to a circular fingerprint sensor.

On the processor front, the Redmi 6 Pro will include the exact same Snapdragon 625 processor that powers Redmi Note 5 Pro. The telephone could be available in three storage configurations -- 2GB RAM +16GB storage, 3GB RAM + 32GB storage, and 4GB RAM + 64GB storage. The battery might be a 4,000mAh one, that's the same as Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Another big improvement could be about the camera front. The phone will come with double rear cameras using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered features, anticipated to be like that of Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A established i9n China earlier this month. The rear cameras on Redmi 6A can automatically identify objects and there is an AI Smart Mockup attribute too. The front shooter is 5MP with assistance for Portrait style.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro official invite poster

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro official invite for June 25 launch event in China was shared by the business on Weibo. The poster doesn't reveal much, but hints in features like 19:9 aspect ratio screen, AI features for your camera, and much more. The telephone will almost certainly be powered by the Snapdragon 625 processor that we saw on the Redmi Note 5 Pro and will be backed with a 4,000mAh battery.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro official image leaves were shared with the business on Weibo, revealing its layout. Redmi 6 Pro will have a 19:9 aspect ratio screen with a notch in addition to the screen. The phone sports vertically aligned dual back cameras, with LED flash unit tucked between the two lenses. As per Weibo article, the telephone will probably be available in five color variations -- Rose Gold, Sand Gold, Lake Blue, Black, and Flame Red. The approaching Redmi phone will sport a metal unibody design with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Redmi phone with a notch was spotted on TENAA with version number M1805D1SE, which is currently speculated to be the Redmi 6 Pro. If one goes from the list, the telephone could feature a 5.84-inch Complete HD+ resolution screen with 19:9 aspect ratio. While Mi 8 was the initial Xiaomi smartphone to come with an iPhone X-styled elite, Redmi 6 Pro will be the company's first Redmi-series cellphone to sport the attribute.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro will be powered by an octa-core CPU, clocked at around 2GHz, though the listing does not mention that the processor. Dimensions of the device are 149.33×71.68×8.75mm and it weighs 178 grams. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro will find a 5MP front shooter along with double rear cameras. The telephone will package a 4,000mAh battery. Redmi 6 Pro is anticipated to be made available in three storage models -- 2GB RAM +16GB storage, 3GB RAM + 32GB storage, and 4GB RAM + 64GB storage. The handset operates on MIUI 10, which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro live pictures leaked
Live images of a new Xiaomi smartphone, said to be Redmi Note 6 Pro had been leaked by a tipster on Weibo. The pictures reveal an iPhone X-like notch design for the telephone, which has been officially verified as well as dual back cameras. The handset includes thin bezels on the sides, a notch towards the chin and top at the base. It sports a circular fingerprint detector in the back. The pictures show that the phone running MIUI 9.6 predicated on Android 8.1 Oreo using 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage.
Facebook Steps Up Fight Upon Fake News, Expands Program to 14 New Countries

Facebook Steps Up Fight Upon Fake News, Expands Program to 14 New Countries

Facebook Steps Up Fight Upon Fake News, Expands Program to 14 New Countries

Facebook Steps Up Fight Upon Fake News, Expands Program to 14 New Countries

Together with the propagation and dissemination of bogus news getting an increasingly embarrassing problem on the world wide web, companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tumblr and many others are trying their best to fighting misinformation through a combination of human inspection and automated technology.

These tech giants are terminating accounts en masse and teaming up with reputable fact-checking resources to fight the menace, though, they have expressed some reservations about enjoying full-time fact-checkers.

Now, nevertheless, Facebook has announced it is increasing the scope and scale of its own fact-checking program not just geographically, but also in terms of technology. As part of this program, the company states it has expanded its fight against bogus information to 14 countries around the world. The business is also using machine learning how to identify and demote or remove misinformation, as well as the reports that spread such content.

Facebook further says that it is planning to take its fight against propaganda, fake news and misinformation to even more states by the end of this year. Towards the end, the business says it's working with certified, independent fact-checkers who rate the accuracy of tales on Facebook to ensure the social media can reduce the supply of stories which are ranked as false with an average of 80 percent.

The company is also expanding its fact-checking to photos and videos in order to stop the spread and dissemination of not just fake, controlled media, but in addition, images that are being used out of context. The business has also supplied the names and e-mail IDs of several trusted press bureaus and third party fact-checkers that users can contact in case they encounter fake news that has been marked as true' on Facebook.