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Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos: Phone's Cameras are so good that even a trained eye can hardly spot the difference between a picture taken with iPhone and Photo captured with a professional Camera. 

The third-party app will help you take your photos a step closer to perfection choosing the right camera app, however, is a much difficult task than it appears because there are so many different apps to choose from Regardless of the level of your photography skills, the app store has something to offer to everyone. These are currently my favourite iPhone Photography apps. So, let's get started

1.) Halide
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

Halide: Halide is a raw manual camera app that turns your iPhone X into a near perfect dupe for a DSLR camera. It has a functional and easy to use UI, which allows you to have full control over the settings of each photo you take. The camera app allows you to produce RAW, TIFF or HEIC file formats in addition to the standard JPEG format. 

It comes with the feature like focus peaking and a powerful manual focus, full manual controls including Exposure, ISO, and White Balance a Live Histogram for perfect Exposure shots, quick review of each of your shots, intelligent automatic and manual mode, and a beautiful easy to use, gestures based interface photos with Portrait effects are now available in the Halide app, with Halide incorporating a mix of small facial detection and point of interest detection to create Portrait mode photos with background blur effects.

2.) Hydra
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

Hydra: Hydra is an innovative third-party camera app that allows you to have full control over the exposure and lightning depending upon whether your lighting conditions are less than desirable, making it an ideal partner and tool to pair with your iPhone X.

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Hydra app performs the best in low light conditions because it is equipped with an HDR mode that takes up to twenty images and merges them into s single shot. Each picture taken with is iPhone camera app has perfectly balanced highlights, shadows & mid tones. 

The Apps High-Resolution mode allows you to produce images that have as much as 32MP. Hydra also features a gallery that provides quick Access to all photos you have created with this app.

3.) ProCam 5
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

ProCam 5: Whether you want to shoot videos or take photos, this iPhone camera app will supply you with all the options need to create high-quality images. ProCam 5 lets you shoot 4K or HD videos, capture Time- Lapse footage or save your photos in RAW Format. ProCam 5 gives you a plethora of shooting modes. Photo Night Mode, Burst Mode, Slow Shutter Portrait Mode, 3D Video & a Time Lapse. 
The 5$ app even gives you different photo Shutter release options like a Self- Timer, Anti- Shake, Screen Shutter, and Interval Shots, as well as providing users with the opportunities to shoot RAW Photos, Support TIFF Files, Adjust Aspect Ratio, and so, so much more.

4.) Slow Shutter Cam
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

Slow Shutter Cam: iPhone Photographers who would like to explore the artistic side of Photography should make this app an irreplaceable part of their setup. The Light Trail mode is designed to let you create light paintings, while the Low Light mode allows you to take pictures even in the darkest hours of the night.

Despite being a powerful camera app thats lets you control ISO, Focus or Exposure Manually, Slow Shutter Cam Doesn't offer any editing features, which somewhat limits it's potential.

5.) Camera+
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For iPhone X Like DSLR Photos

Camera+: If the iPhone’s standard camera is like a digital point and shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high-quality DSLR Lens. One Common app that pop-ups over and over again when you’re asking people about their favourite third-party options is Camera+, a $3 camera app that improves almost every aspect of the built-in camera your iPhone X has. 

Camera+ allows you full control over things like Exposure and Focus, access to Features like Stabilizers and timers for different shooting modes, you can digitally Zoom up to 6x Zoom with advanced processing to provide you with DSLR Level crispness and quality, front flash camera options and so, so much more. 

Camera+ even has a feature called clarity, which allows you to analyse your photos and makes several smart adjustments that automatically enhance Details to breathe life into some of your more lacklustre snapshots with Clarity, you will stop throwing out bad Photos. You will be amazed to see what it can do to Photos that you would typically consider unusable, like shots that came out too dark. 

Final Words: Photography is about seeing and capturing the world around you, but to do so, you must have the right tools. iPhone has powerful cameras, but each of the apps I mentioned in this article will give you, even more, freedom to create the images you want, in the exact way you want. Let me know which camera apps for iPhone you like to use the most in the comments.

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